About Us


Us Humans

We are a family of nine living in Upstate South Carolina.   We are Sabbath keeping Christians who love God’s Word and try our best to share the love of Christ with whoever we can. 



Sheeba is our AKC and CKC registered 3 year old Old English Sheepdog.  She is beautifully coated with one blue eye and a hilarious sense of humor.  As a puppy she was black and white but has matured to gray and white.  She trained easily, is very well behaved, and is great with our kids.


The Spiveys


 My husband and I have been shopping for the perfect companion dog. After landing on a Sheepadoodle, I stumbled upon 3twenty3kennels. What a blessing this family has been to us. They found the perfect....

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The Winters


 My husband and I, being an older couple, have been blessed to have had some wonderful dogs as family members in our lifetime. Recently, after discovering that I suffer with a fairly severe allergy to dogs ...

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The Beebes


 He (Tux) has the biggest personality! I am the local Chamber president and he goes to work with me everyday. People stop by daily just to see  him and bring him...

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