The Spiveys


Everything we could hope for!


My husband and I have been shopping for the perfect companion dog. After landing on a Sheepadoodle, I stumbled upon 3twenty3kennels. What a blessing this family has been to us. They found the perfect mate for their loving Old English Sheepdog, Sheba. He is a beautiful, jet black, 70-pound poodle known as “Sweet Pete”.  These puppies are sure to have a fantastic temperament based on that of their parents. 

This family of nine each “adopted” a puppy to love. It was such a joy to meet the Ledbetters and to witness the level of love and care that has been poured into these very special Sheepadoodle puppies. Everything the Ledbetters do is for the glory of God and that is very evident upon meeting them, their children and this adorable litter of puppies. We are so grateful for our puppy “Jolly” and his wonderful introduction to life. They have taken extra measures to ensure the best start possible by gradually weaning the puppies to a high-quality dog food, beginning the potty training process, and by getting them used to each phase of the grooming process.  We can hardly wait to bring our special puppy home! 

--- Pam Spivey