The Beebes


He is sooooo funny!


He (Tux) has the biggest personality! I am the local Chamber president and he goes to work with me everyday. People stop by daily just to see him and bring him goodies. He wants to love on everyone, lol. We are currently working on the jumping up on people because he is so big but he gets so excited and part of that jumping up comes from our daughter teaching him to give hugs,Lolol. I just purchased one of the easy lead harnesses for walking him. He loves everyone so much that he will drag you all over the place to play with everyone. The easy lead is working awesome.
He is seriously the biggest, sweetest, smartest thing ever! And he is sooooo funny! He has a bucket with all his toys and he will pull the bucket to the middle of the floor and dig through it until he finds certain toys and then he gets those out to play with. At bedtime, he sleeps with our daughter and she will tell him it's bedtime, he will go completely limp like a 2yr old having a fit and will make her carry him and when she puts her hands out to pick him up, he will take his paw and slap her hands away.

    --The Beebes