The Winters




My husband and I, being an older couple, have been blessed to have had some wonderful dogs as family members in our lifetime. Recently, after discovering that I suffer with a fairly severe allergy to dogs and thus seeking a companion for our two year old furbaby who is hypoallergenic, we were blessed to find 3Twenty3 Kennels. Being well accustomed to all puppy traits to expect (i.e., the good, the bad, and the exhausting) as well as training, we were utterly and pleasantly surprised to discover that at just 8 weeks old, our little Sheepadoodle (who we named Sheeba) was already well on her way to being housebroken; she also slept through the night without accidents and has adjusted to her new life remarkably well. Sheeba has also learned to walk on a leash like a pro, and she did it after just 10 minutes of instruction. As to her temperament – Sheeba is incredibly sweet, intelligent, attentive, and eager to learn please. Astonishingly, our 3Twenty3 Sheepadoodle, at just 9 weeks old is as measured and patient as an older dog. Our little wonder also learned to sit after just a few gentle demonstrations and now does it consistently - proof that LOVE is the tool that breeds success, not loud words or harsh discipline. In short, our new puppy is simply amazing! The only drawback we have to adding this little angel to our family is that we don’t get out of the store as fast as we used to, as this little sweetie draws an adoring crowd everywhere she goes. Lastly, as if our amazing little Sheepadoodle wasn’t awesome enough, the experience with 3Twenty3 Kennels was both stress-free and a pleasant. The deep love and devotion given to these puppies and their parent furbabies is evident in their magnificent temperaments, and Latoya (their human mom and mentor) was a pure pleasure to do business with. This amazing kennel and their puppies get an A+++ from my husband and I. Thank you again Latoya, we are blessed to have met you, and blessed beyond measure to have one of your sheepadoodles in our family.  

– The Winters